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Free Webinar - Monday Dec 3, 2018 - 3pm (Sydney) AEDT

Hi I'm Nigel and I work with facilitators who want to do two things.

1). Improve and refine their skills
2). Get more work and make more money.

I've been a facilitator for over 20 years, worldwide, let me help you become a master facilitator.

Monday Dec 3, 2018:  3pm AEDT (Sydney)

In this webinar you'll learn


1.  Structure.  How you frame and design a facilitation session is everything. It can make or break you. You need a framework in pace that is adaptable but also outcome driven. In this webinar I'll give you a framework that works each and every time.


2.  Delivery.  Facilitation is not training or presenting. It's very different. The art is in drawing out the talents and genius of participants, help them take ownership towards a common outcome, then nurture and guide their input. Good news is there are tools and devices to help do that.


3.  Pitching. There is an art and science in taking a brief and making sure you get the job. I'll show you how to brief so you have a clear objective and outcomes, so you can tailor your proposals and pitches and get more work.

Monday Dec 3, 2018:  3pm AEDT (Sydney)

Some Clients I've worked with

Facilitation is most effective when a diverse range of people are provided with the right tools and environment that not only allow them to contribute and engage, but inspire them to take ownership, take action and run with their ideas.

1.    Help people take ownership
2.    Provide the right structure and process

3.    Create a conducive and safe environment
3.    Inspire collaboration towards a common outcome


Because every facilitation session is different you need a framework, a plan and the necessary tools to flex and adapt without stepping away from your core role and objective. Master facilitators are masters at gaining people's confidence and ownership.


This free webinar will look at these important facets and give you tools and a framework that you can use straight away. As well as look at what to do in order to keep mastering the art of facilitating.


‘Nigel is a top-class Facilitator’- Ross Ferrar, GTA


'I could spend hours with this man, ideas just spout from him. A lovely communicator, funny and oh so smart. Meet him and learn'

Richard Foulkes, The Paradise Experiment, UK


‘Not just entertaining but useful – great ideas you can use immediately.’

– Kevin White; CSEP,  USA


'Nigel facilitates as though he is an extension and member of our team' - Angela Horvat, FST Media

About Nige

Nigel has been a professional Facilitator for over 20 years. He has orchestrated strategy sessions, C-Suite boardrooms, brainstorms and thinking tanks on almost every continent on the planet .


His super power is an ability to draw the best out of people and gain their ownership is working toward common objectives. He is maestro and Founder of Game of Inches.


Author of three books he has facilitated sessions all over the planet and has now decided to pass on his experience and expertise to fellow facilitators

Monday Dec 3, 2018:  3pm AEDT (Sydney)

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