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Every business, although doing many things right, is loosing money through the cracks because there is a myriad of small things, little changes gaps (we call them gaps or inches) which are being overlooked or not exploited. And it’s costing you money

You see everyone is searching for the next big idea. But extensive research with businesses and CEO’s tells us that it’s actually the multiple of small ideas which are often missed that are faster and easier to address and more profitable in the short term.

What we do is help with you and your people that process, help find those gaps for you and test and measure every step of the way.


Our philiosphy is simple. Success in business is a game of inches and not a one-off explosive moment. The BIG idea makes a good story but it's hard to implement into everyday worklife. From interviewing over one hundred leading business people, the one element they all shared had nothing to do with ‘big’, ‘revolutionary’ changes that often seem unachievable to many. Their improvement stemmed from small, consistent changes. They also understand the importance of helping their people take ownership in working towards a common goal.





'Overall Nigel Collin's "Everyday Innovation: A Game of Inches" and "Triggering Cultural Mechanisms" received the best reviews' - Andrew Heibl, AACB


‘The games of inches and how to practically make innovative changes without feeling overwhelmed was very helpful' - Nerida Meakin, a TTNQ Event Attendee


'I could spend hours with this man, ideas just spout from him. A lovely communicator, funny and oh so smart. Meet him and learn'
- Richard Foulkes, Paradise Experiment.

About us

In 2013, armed with a video camera, Founder Nigel Collin traveled across Australia solo on his motorbike to interview ingenious Australian's. Shortly after he became an Ambassador for Start-up Australia where he got access to interview over 50 of Australia's leading and most successful entrepreneurs.


He noticed patterns in what they do and how that do it and an overriding understanding that business success happens one step at a time. This was the catalyst for the 'Game of Inches' process.


This, coupled with over 20 years experience in stratgeic and business facilitation, was the catalyst for the Game of Inches process. 

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