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You don't learn anything if you don't fail.

This short video is of Mark Evans, owner of Paronella Park in Far North Queensland who I interviewed a while back. He talks about the importance of being brave enough to consistently try new things and not be scared of failing. Time and time again entrepreneaurs and successful business people exhibit a unique persepctive of seeing failure as just part of the game.

Many organisations are risk averse and see mistakes as bad things. However mistakes have two major benefits. Firstly, we learn from them and secondly, we discover things we didn't know or think of before. Mark sums it up beautifully in this video when he says ‘you don’t learn anything if you don’t fail’.

Today ask, what process can you put in place to openly discuss and learn from mistakes?

#failure #mindset #markevans #mistakes

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Due for public release May 1, 2016

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