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Rule#2: 'What would Dennis do?'

May 1, 2017

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September 30, 2015

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The 'One Thing' to ensure your solution happens!

April 20, 2014


It's one thing to have a brilliant, viable business solution yet quite another to implement it. Let's face it how many times have we each had brilliant ideas and done nothing with them. A huge challenge  lies in the doing. People tend to flip from one thing to another and as a result never get anything done.

Imagine if Australian Graeme Clark didn't act on his idea for a bionic ear, Cochlear Implants wouldn't have changed the lives of over 125000 people.

Imagine if Pierre Omidyar, creator of ebay, didn't act on his idea of auctioning stuff on-line.

Imagine if Lance Hill hadn't acted on his idea for a rotary clothes line made from steel poles.


Imagine if you never acted on the one idea that could improve and grow your business

So here's a challenge.

Today write down the top 3 things that absolutely, positively have to be accomplished to move your idea forward. Then of those 3 things, pick just one - the main one - the one thing that if you don't do it, the whole idea remains dormant.

- Then do that one thing.

- Then do the next one thing.
- And keep doing - 'one thing'.


Stay Ingenious


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