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Is your focus 'workable'?

It's really easy to get caught up on a day to day basis just doing stuff. Which is fine as long as the stuff you are doing is adding to the growth or improvement of your business. Russ Harris, author of 'the Happiness Trap' talks about 'workability'. The concept being to ask if what you are doing adds to a better life, your values and happiness. We decided to adopt 'workability' in our business because we can then check in and ask if what we are doing actually helps us achieve the things that are truly important. Obviously you need to know what those things are, such as keeping true to your values, working towards your goals, hitting your KPI's. It's sounds incredibly simple but as Da Vinci once said 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' So today, ask if what you are doing is 'workable'? If it is, fantastic, if not then why are you doing it?

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