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Are you confusing your clients?

In a restaurant recently trying to decide what to order I ranted to myself 'there's too many choices!' As I walked my fingers down the menu everything sounded good and so I ended up in a state of indecision and, if not with colleagues, could have ended up ordering nothing and simply leaving.

Is your menu too large? Are you offering your clients too many options that it takes them away from an easy decision to one of complexity and ultimately indecision.

So today, think about how you can simplify your clients (and potential clients) decision process of working with you by making it easy and trimming the complexity.

Perhaps the answer lies in just offering fewer alternatives (too or three) they want or need now and saving the rest until later in the customer life cycle. I always find it annoying when a waiter tries to selling the dessert when all I am thinking about is the main course. Come back later when I'll be interested in dessert.

Perhaps the answer lies in killing off some offerings which never actually sell. We all have products and services which sit around and if you analyse them they actually don't add to the revenue or profit line. Kill them off.

Perhaps the answer lies in chunking the options up. In other words bundle the add-ons and value adds into a single option. 'Your steak comes with salad and a beautifully home baked bread roll'.

The goal is to make it easy for people to buy. So keep it simple and easy.

Order your signed copy now and we'll wear the postage.  $25.95

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Due for public release May 1, 2016

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