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Rule#2: 'What would Dennis do?'

I was heading towards Alice Springs (as part of 'Ingenious Oz Project') with about 300kms to go and saw someone up ahead who was riding a pushbike.

I stopped to grab a photo and we ended up chatting for quite a while. Dennis and his mate Bob (who's not in the shot) were riding to Alice. They had just come along the Strzelecki track - a 450km, mostly dirt road through remote South Australia.

I asked why they were doing it, was it a charity thing? They simply answered that they enjoyed long distance riding and so it seemed like a good idea. When not near a roadhouse or town (which most of the time) they simply camp by the roadside.

Denis and Bob are the most inspiring people I have ever met because they had an idea and literally got on their bikes and made it happen. They didn’t have endless committee meetings or talk about it forever or put task force together, they simply had an idea and went for it. There's a great lesson there because nothing happens until someone somewhere does something. Too often in business we have ideas and never take action them.

And here’s the kicker, at the time Bob was 67 years old and Denis was 75. So you have to ask 'what's your excuse for not taking action and pursuing your ideas?’

In my own business whenever I get to a crossroad, or have a decision to make, your think to myself should or shouldn't I do something, I literally ask myself 'what would Denis do?' because I know by the time I ask that Denis would already have done it.

I'm proud to say that people and organisations all over Australia are now adopting the phrase 'what would Denis do?' jolt them into action.

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