'If you can find a gap and figure out how to fill it,  success will inevitably follow'.
                                                                                                                 - Nigel Collin 
Find hidden Profit
The Gap Hunter

A common trait of successful organisations is their ability to find hidden profits by consistently finding gaps. They understand that gaps are where opportunities and bottom line growth lie. If you consistently find gaps, take action on them, profitable growth inevitably follows.

Unfortunately, many organisations don’t actively look for gaps and if they do it’s sporadic and in the wrong places. As a result, they are leaving money on the table.


One of the biggest gaps for many organisations is their inability to find gaps.


The are several reasons for this..

  • Most business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders are too busy to spend time searching for gaps.

  • Their focus is too narrow because they only seek gaps in the market or in the development of their products and services.

  • They perceive gaps as being large, quantum leaps and as a result miss small profitable gaps.

  • They don’t have a process for their people to consistently find and act on gaps.

Which is why we developed Gap Hunter.

A program designed to find gaps within your organisation that if acted upon will boost your bottom line. We guarantee it.


The process focuses at finding gaps which are

  • Low cost

  • Low risk

  • Profitable

  • Easy to action

  • Practical

  • Relevant

We also make sure your team has a plan of action and established measurements.



There are two Options.
















What are the outcomes?
  • We guarantee to find at least 3 profitable gaps

  • Give you a full report with recommendations

  • Help you and your team identifying first steps

  • Provide a process for on-going gap hunting


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